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Perspectives on Justice – Fall 2013

The  2L staffers are currently enrolled in Perspectives on Justice course. Along with providing guidance on writing their casenote, Professor Leonard Baynes and Professor Rosa Castello lead discussions and analysis of racial, social and economic justice issues from a legal, historical, and theoretical perspective. Students read a variety of sources, ranging from books, treatises, court cases, and current and past magazine, newspaper and digital articles to see the the changes of law and society through the lens of social justice. This discussion base class, in the words of Shaun Hiller,  “allow[s] us to discuss social equality from multiple perspectives.”

2L staffer Christen Giannaros says: “I like the course course because it that allows JCRED members to more closely examine the social, economic, and political issues that are not traditionally discussed in other law school courses.” Another 2L staffer Masoud Mortazavi agrees, saying that it covers material and “issues that are not covered in other conventional law courses.”